About The Ancient Traveller

The Ancient Traveller is for open minded readers who are interested in independent travel, history, ancient civilisations, esoteric wisdom, magic, mystics and mystery. On this travel blog you will find illicit information the elite don´t want you to know about; the hidden history of mankind, the true inner meaning of the self and the esoteric wisdom you can practice to improve your life and the lives of those around you!

Ignore the lies you are forced-fed by the puppets of politics, short-sighted scholars and through mainstream media. Get clued up about what is really happening in the world!  –  plus learn about the fascinating travel destinations you can visit to develop yourself spiritually and physically. Discover the true you and you will understand there is more to life; see more, do more, be more. Know that you are amazing!

John Audrey Jones is a freelance writer and photographer

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