More Travel Reflections in South America

22 08 2012

Yes, sorry, I know I´ve posted reflections in South America already, but stuff you, I´m on a roll – so here´s more reflections in South America!!

Travel Reflections in South America

15 08 2012

I´ve taken the travel reflections photography theme on to another level using car bonnets, shop windows, marble pillows, TV screens, framed pictures and shadows. I like it – and hope you do to!

Landscapes and Symbols of Argentina

10 08 2012

Argentina has very diverse landscapes and familiar symbols and when captured in the right way look as spectacular as they do in real-life…but for that you´ll have to go to somebody else´s site and check out their photos…

Travel Reflections in Argentina

7 08 2012

I was in Cordoba, Argentina a couple of weeks ago looking to build on my reflections theme when a twenties-something street urchin approached me wearing twigs tied into a cone on his head. “Do you want a photograph?” he asked in Spanish. “Not really,” I replied back in English. I then lined up the shot of the court house in the fountain…”You take pictures of water – you are crazy!” the guy told me. And this from a man wearing twigs for a hat! I trust you will appreciate my reflections in Argentina – even if it is crazy!

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

2 08 2012

Iguazu Falls lies on across the border of Argentina and Brazil and the tourist attraction is shared by both countries, although each offers a different experience. Brazil has the better panoramic views, but in Argentina the closeness of the waterfalls make the experience more interactive – or in other words, you get wet! Take a light raincoat and buy a plastic bag for your camera..!