More Travel Reflections in South America

22 08 2012

Yes, sorry, I know I´ve posted reflections in South America already, but stuff you, I´m on a roll – so here´s more reflections in South America!!

Travel Reflections in South America

15 08 2012

I´ve taken the travel reflections photography theme on to another level using car bonnets, shop windows, marble pillows, TV screens, framed pictures and shadows. I like it – and hope you do to!

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

2 08 2012

Iguazu Falls lies on across the border of Argentina and Brazil and the tourist attraction is shared by both countries, although each offers a different experience. Brazil has the better panoramic views, but in Argentina the closeness of the waterfalls make the experience more interactive – or in other words, you get wet! Take a light raincoat and buy a plastic bag for your camera..!

Brazil Sunset

30 07 2012

You´ve got love sunsets in Brazil…they are almost as beautiful as the women!

Travel Reflections in Brazil

25 07 2012

Seeing reflections in water is like looking at the world in a different way which is what you do naturally when you are a traveller because discovering the cultures of other countries broadens your mind and subsequently the way you think…these shots are moments of inspiration I had recently, but now I am on to the theme of travel reflections I will to be looking for more of them…

Porto Alegre Sunset, Brazil

20 07 2012

Gaúchos, the people from Rio Grande do Sul in the south of Brazil, say the sunset in their city, Porto Alegre is the best in the world…Is it the best in the world? It´s good, but maybe I got it on a bad day..!}