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Inspirational Travel Destinations: El Fuerte

A strange day at the mysterious El Fuerte ruins left me with more questions than answers and photoless. The driver was a mad man and I am still confused!

Tiwanaku, Bolivia, Defies Historical Records

Tiwanaku, 45 miles (75km) west of La Paz in northern Bolivia is perhaps the most important archaeological site travellers can currently visit….

The Enigma of Tiwanaku

Is the history we are taught through mainstream channels a lie? The evidence of space-age technology suggests it is…but what are they hiding?

Copacabana and the Isla del Sol, Bolivia

The Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca is shrouded in mystery and legend. It is believed the first Inca King was born here and that the God Viracocha rose to the surface on a bed of foam. But not only is are past events in Lake Titicaca a mystery, present day expeditions are also proving to be as well.

Amaru Muru, Puno, Peru

Could the mysterious doorway carved into a rock in Puno really lead to other dimensions – or is it just legend and fantasy? Because of the number of people that have gone missing in the area, the locals are convinced the doorway has mystical powers that transport people to another world.

The Inka Express: Puno to Cusco

My feared bus ride on a tourist bus from Puno to Cusco in Peru actually turned out to be okay – in fact, I made some discoveries that would later give me a fascinating lead into the believes of our ancient ancestors and the potential origins of man!

The Temple of Fertility

The ancient Inca would go to the Temple of Fertility to ask the Gods to bear them a child. The phallic symbolism represents the planting of seeds to bring life. A short walk from the Temple is a Catholic Church built by Spanish Conquistadors. In the front of the Church is a mast which marks the spot where Inca´s were flogged to death for refusing to convert to Christianity.

An Insight into the Inca and Cosmo Visions: An interview with a Peruvian Historian

To learn more about the Inca I interviewed, Dr. Abraham Valencia Espinoza, a retired historian in Cusco. He had spent much of his career investigating how it is possible for Shamans to transcend into other worlds. Dr. Valencia told me many things I needed to know about the Inca and confirmed some of the things I suspected about history – even if it was not a full admittance!

Tambomachay to Sacsayhuaman: Four Sites for the Price of One

If you are visiting Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, you may as well start from Tambomachay and visit Puca Pucara and Q´Enko. It costs nothing more and makes the trip four times more interesting. This insight will reveal a few mysteries you will find on your travels.

Inspirational Travel Destinations: Sacsayhuaman, Peru

The Inca said Sacsayhuaman was built long before their empire existed, yet the building process appears to have needed extreme heat to mould the multi-ton stones together. How was it possible for ancient peoples to build such an immense structure?

Hatun Rumiyoc: The Great Inca Walls of Cusco

The space-age architecture of Hatun Rumiyoc in Cusco still puzzles archaeologists and stonemasons. Everyone has a theory of course, yet not of them are convincing!

The Inka Museum, Cusco

The Inka Museum is a typical institution of history – fascinating artefacts that don´t get explained properly,; even with a guide. Fortunately, however, I found some recurring themes in the artefacts in the museum, such as the number 19 – and now I know what it means!

Ollantaytambo, Peru: Faces in High Places

Ollantaytambo is a fascinating place and an opportunity you shouldn´t pass up when travelling through on your way to Machu Picchu. Storehouses high on a hill you can climb and faces carved into the rock demonstrate how nimble and fearless the Inca were…yet mainstream archaeologists try to convince us the faces are natural!

Ollantaytambo Ruins, Peru

More mysteries and examples of space-age technology can be found at Ollantaytambo. Not surprisingly, orthodox scholars don´t know what to make of it. But the fact of the matter is, the ancients had a phenomenal understanding of astronomy and were much more technologically advanced than they are give credit for. Ollantaytambo is standing proof of that! The question is, how did the ancients know all this?

The Importance of the Chakana to the Ancient Andeans

To the Inca and the Andean cultures before them, the Chakana or Andean Cross represented life. The shape of the symbol originates from the Southern Cross constellation, but the geometry represented everything from time to the meaning of life.

Things You Probably Don´t Know About Machu Picchu

There are many things we are not told about ancient sites and the belief system of the ancient peoples, and Machu Picchu is no exception. Perhaps archaeologists do not know the answers conclusively thus are not prepared to state is as fact, but they that has never stopped them presented the theories they do put forward with no supporting evidence. Beautiful, mysterious and rediscovered, find out what the top brass won´t tell you about Machu Picchu.

More Things You Don´t Know About Machu Picchu

Did you know that when you look at the main settlement of Machu Picchu from specific angles you can see the shape of a lizard, a puma and a condor..? It´s amazing architecture they don´t mention in the brochure, nor do the guides tell you – which is surprising really, because its perhaps the most interesting fact about the entire settlement…I´ll even tell you why it´s built that way!

Ancient Ollantaytambo: An Interview with Mama Yupanqui

Mama Yupanqui was the last surviving descendant of the Inca King Tupac Yupanqui. She was 102 years old. Two weeks after I interviewed her she sadly passed away – but fortunately not before I had given her the opportunity to pass on her pearls of wisdom!

Pisac and the Four Elements Workshop

My arrival in Pisac had been a call of destiny. The four elements workshop was just the start of a turning point in my journey that (I hope) pointed me in the right direction.

Shaman Healing in Peru: The Man Who Conquered Cancer

When Ray H Crist was diagnosed with a brain tumor he was given six months to live. That was 2002. When I interviewed him in 2011 he was convinced he survived because he cleaned up his lifestyle and his poisoned way of thinking and as a consequence lived to tell his story: Cancer can be conquered by positive thinking!

Pisac, Peru: An Interview with Diane Dunn

Diane has an extraordinary story about how she became to be a shamanic healer several years after an experience on ayahuasca told her she would meet a man that would change her life. In this interview she gives some invaluable advice.

Day Tripping in Peru: An Experiment with San Pedro

In South America hallucogens like San Pedro are legal as they are used wisely for spiritual healing purposes; 100 times more effective than anything western science has to offer and you get to see the world in a whole new light.

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